Boon Bike Supply Pte Ltd (herein referred to as BBS) is authorized to provide after sales service and warranty support by the manufacturers of the brands we distribute.

All warranty claims are subjected to the following terms and conditions as well as according to the manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. Please refer to the product’s owner’s menu for the details.


All warranties are not transferrable and are applicable to the first owner only.

Proof of purchase and a properly filled warranty/service form must be submitted for all warranty claims and service requests. Requests and claims without these documents may result in longer processing time or be rejected.

Without the proof of purchase, your product will be considered as having been bought from an unauthorized dealer. In this case, a handling charge will be imposed upfront. This handling charge does not include freight, parts, workmanship and all other costs. It is also non-refundable regardless of the outcome.

BBS considers retailers that are appointed by us as authorized dealers. All others are deemed to be unauthorized dealers.

All warranties are subjected to approval by the manufacturers.

BBS reserves the right to reject any warranty claims and service request from unauthorized dealers.


BBS reserves the right to all final decisions on warranty claims, non-warranty repairs or replacement.

BBS reserves the right to reject any claims arising from products that are believed to be from unauthorized dealers.

BBS will not be liable for any freight charges incurred for claims of OEM products, products from unauthorized dealers and specially ordered parts.


The warranty DOES NOT cover:

  1. Products without proof of purchase.  Proof of purchase is required to establish the date and origin of sale, and also due to the risk of illegal or illicit provenance. (e.g. stolen goods)
  2. Products where the identification markings have been removed (serial number, production ID, product code, etc)
  3. Aesthetic imperfections that have been identified or are visible at the time of purchase.
  4. Products that have reached the end of their normal life cycle.
  5. Products with damage or failure resulting from:
    1. Misuse and abuse including the usage of the product other than that for which it is intended for.
    2. Any form of modification/alteration.
    3. Neglect and failure to follow installation instructions.
    4. Neglect and failure to perform routine maintenance as instructed. (e.g. bearings corrosion)
    5. Accident, corrosion, incorrect installation and/or mishandling including improper packaging during transportation and/or use of incompatible parts.
    6. Tempering of technical products such as hubs and forks by unauthorized service personnel.
  6. Consumables such as bearings, seals, brake pads, grease and lubes. (e.g. normal and reasonable wear and tear)
  7. Any charges incurred relating to freight such as returning of the item or sending the item back to the manufacturer as per the customer’s request.
  8. Compensation for inconvenience associated with not being able to use the product while it is being repaired or replaced.

Please also note that the warranty is not transferrable and is applicable only to the original owner.


Return the product to your retailer, accompanied by the properly filled warranty/service form. A copy of the proof of purchase must be submitted together with the product.  Failure in doing so might cause unnecessary delays or even result in the rejection of the claim/request.


For OEM products that are factory-fitted on your bicycle, please submit the warranty/service form and copy of the proof of purchase to the retailer you bought the bicycle from, or distributor of the bicycle brand. Then ask them to contact BBS. BBS will not entertain any direct submissions.


Remove the tires, tubes, rim tapes, cassette, quick releases, sensor magnet and disc brake rotors (if applicable). BBS will not be responsible for these items.  SGD25 will be charged per wheel for the removal of tubular tires or UST tires.

The wheels should be properly cleaned and free from debris such as mud and sand.  SGD20 will be charged per wheel if cleaning is required.

Pack the wheel in a specific box if possible.  We will not be responsible for any aesthetic damages due to improperly packed wheels.


You are advised to return the product to where you purchased it from. If you require BBS to assist you with this, a handling fee will be imposed upfront.  Handling fees do not include workmanship, freight and parts.

   Download and properly filled BBS warranty/service form here. Please be reminded to attach a copy of the proof of purchase.